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    Involvement in People, Planet and Profit.

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Corporate social responsibility, a logical development

We of course closely follow social developments and meet the consumers' current demands and wishes. We also strive to lead from the front where this concerns developments and innovation.

So also in this sense we at 2 Sisters Storteboom take our responsibility in the sector. A number of factors are key in this:

  • guaranteed quality and maximum food safety;
  • the raw materials used for production;
  • social policy regarding our employees;
  • animal welfare and the environment.

This means we add the notion of 'Product' to the often quoted triangle of 'People, Planet, Profit'. After all, we believe delivering high quality products is the highest priority responsibility.

Preconditions for doing so are the retention of strict quality and hygiene requirements regarding the product, process and production locations, the financial and economic potential of the company and the current state of technology.

This is how 2 Sisters Storteboom fulfils European and global agreementsas recorded in European and Dutch legislation. Meeting the existing rules and regulations underpins our approach. As previously mentioned; we also wish to be frontrunners in this respect.