In all links of the chain, we take the environment into account


To stress the importance of our surroundings and the environment, 2 Sisters Storteboom has been ISO 14001 certified since 2015. This has collected together all our company’s activities in view of the environment in a general framework. This topic concerns energy use, processing waste materials, preventing nuisance from noise and odours and protecting the soil and water. The above all helps 2 Sisters Storteboom to work in a less environmentally harmful manner across all links of the chain.

  • Energy
    Regarding energy, 2 Sisters Storteboom has signed the MJA 3 agreement for their slaughterhouses and processing companies. The objective of MJA3 is for all parties to make an effort to improve energy-efficiency by 30% in the 2005-2020 period. This figure is an average for all companies jointly (for all of their facilities involved).
  • Waste and waste flows
    Waste in our company concerns the waste flow from non-animal sources. This includes packaging material, plastic, paper and cardboard. This waste is separated into distinct flows. All animal waste flows are processed into other products.
  • Reducing noise and odour nuisance
    At 2 Sisters Storteboom we always endeavour to acts as a 'good neighbour'. To this end we work in a wide variety of ways to reduce and limit the nuisance caused by noise and odours in the immediate vicinity of our locations. For example, we use insulation, air filters and other means to reduce the nuisance.
  • Water
    Water is a key resource in the various production processes in our companies. Storteboom stresses the importance of careful use of natural resources such as water. For this reason we monitor the water use in our companies, whilst continuously looking for safe ways of reducing its use.

    In order to make a positive contribution to keeping the environment of our branches liveable, specific attention is devoted to water purification, air purification and sound-damping measures. In both slaughterhouses, the water is purified before being discharged