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    Innovation and investment in knowledge and technique


Everything under control; from egg to consumer

The 2 Sisters Storteboom working method is identified by an absolute control of all links in the chain. Each step in the process as a whole is checked and recorded. We document the source and processing of every piece of chicken we deliver. Or, in other words: complete control from egg to consumer.

The additional checks we perform from our own certified laboratory on all links in the production chain ensure our ‘belt and braces’ approach to safety. After all, we consider food safety our very highest priority.

This control can only function within a transparent and intensive form of collaboration with our partners and suppliers. 2 Sisters Storteboom aims for optimum collaboration with egg producing companies, hatcheries, food suppliers, poultry farmers and haulage companies. Based on a goal of establishing a single robust chain with the objective of putting a premier quality piece of chicken on the consumer’s plate.