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The name 2 Sisters Storteboom may not be too familiar to many consumers' ears. However, there is a good chance that you regularly come into contact with our products or even find them on your table. You may, for example, eat our chicken when visiting recognised chains such as KFC or McDonalds. Or buy one of our juicy chicken fillets or drumsticks when shopping at Aldi, Jumbo or Delhaize.

Being the European chicken specialist, we call on our extensive experience and expertise to advise supermarkets, restaurants and catering companies on the best and most delicious chicken products at affordable prices. To serve you in the best possible manner and ensure that notions such as ‘health, ease of use and enjoyment’ remain key, we continue to closely monitor consumer trends.

You are always welcome to contact us if you wish to know anything regarding our products, animal welfare or about the way we handle environmental matters at 2 Sisters Storteboom. You can use this form to send us your comments or questions.

If you would like to know more regarding 2 Sisters Storteboom's policies regarding animal welfare and the environment, please refer to our CSR page on this website.

We all wish to enjoy a delicious piece of chicken from time to time. And there's little reason not to: poultry meat stands squarely at the top of the renewed Food Pyramid as a healthy and lean meat and source of protein. So why not try a number of the tasty chicken recipes you can find here.