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    Common interest is top priority in the entire chain

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Working together on the highest possible quality

Key with the 2 Sisters Storteboom policy is the notion of 'collaboration'. Not only within our own organisation, but certainly also with our farmers. We put in place agreements and work together with our farmers and all other parties involved in the chain from egg to consumer. Collaboration starts with the specialist companies at the beginning of the chain: the egg production companies. We also make clear, long standing agreements with hatcheries, farmers and poultry specialists who ensure they deliver precisely the chickens specified by our strict quality demands.

We firmly believe this way of working is the best route to an excellent result for all parties. Joint interest ensures each party delivers the very highest food safety and quality product possible in their part of the chain. This process runs based on exacting quality demands for all links in the chain, combined with targeted internal and external checks and a ground-breaking CSR policy.