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    Honest, open and transparent. That is how we do busniness

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Delivering products, sharing knowledge

2 Sisters Storteboom supplies a range of client groups active across an array of market segments. For example:

  • Industry
  • Food service
  • Wholesale
  • Retail chains
  • Quick service restaurants

With a wide range of products and client-focused concepts we aim to meet the wishes of numerous types of buyers. The selection of fresh and frozen chicken products has been optimally fine-tuned with the various sectors. This also applies to our quality procedures, packaging processes and concepts and logistical procedures.

We supply industrial buyers with bulk chicken products or IQF packaging ready for further processing, in any required units. We deliver tailor-made products to the food service, wholesale and retail sectors. We also think in tandem with them when developing new, innovative product concepts, packaging shapes, packaging design and we provide advice regarding the layout of shelves and presentation to meet consumer demands. Specialist market and consumer research keeps us up-to-speed on the latest consumer desires.

We take pleasure in sharing this acquired knowledge with all our buyers across the various client groups. We are a committed partner and desire only to provide professional and cordial advice. At 2 Sisters Storteboom we wish to conduct business in a fair, honest and open manner; striving continuously to achieve the best result for both parties. That, in our opinion, lies at the very heart of establishing long term and durable relationships.

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